A Content Marketer’s Guide to the Post-Analytics World


This post originally appeared on Sparksheet. Data, data and more data: As content marketers, social media managers and journalists, we’ve been taught to love it. And yes, data like page views, followers and clicks can be valuable. But I’m here to tell you there is so much more to a successful content marketing program than […]

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The Story Behind Vero’s Revamped Content Strategy


I really like country music. But there is something disingenuous about most of the music on country radio. All the songs rely on a handful of cliches to stay afloat – dirt roads, pretty girls, cold beer, etc. It’s almost like the songs are written by an algorithm that knows the exact blend of melody […]

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20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

email marketing best practices

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our latest guide Email Marketing Best Practices: 20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails. It’s loaded with 40+ examples, a slick table of contents and even a free, downloadable swipe file. I think you’ll really enjoy this one. Read it now

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3 Seriously Undervalued Email Marketing Strategies


Great advice usually isn’t sexy. Ask some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs about the best advice they ever received and they’ll say things like: “Make your own luck.” “Say no to almost everything.” “Invest in relationships.” It’s great advice – profound even – but not exactly sexy. You were hoping they’d say something mind-blowing, […]

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How to Guarantee Your Emails Get Delivered


Sorting through dozens of emails in my junk folder recently, I found a number of emails that I asked to receive and clearly weren’t spam. Are spam filters doing their job? The answer is “yes” but spam filters inevitably snag some emails that should be delivered. According to Marketing Sherpa, spam filters mistakenly block one […]

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The World on Your Terms: Why You Can Start a Successful Business Anywhere


This post originally appeared on The Fetch Blog. It is common thinking that you need to be in San Francisco to start a big software company, in Paris to create the world’s best restaurant and on Wall Street to build the a successful hedge fund. But that’s simply not true. Should Atlassian have thrived in […]

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I work for a company 7,814 miles away


There is something profound about controlling your schedule. When your day-to-day life isn’t shaped traditional office hours or someone else’s schedule, work doesn’t really feel like work anymore. We operate in a creative economy, not a labor economy. It’s time to evolve the way we work. At Vero, we code, create, write, design, market, think, […]

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How I Manage a Team of Five Without …


There are hundreds of tools that are designed to help you manage projects … Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Pivotal, etc. Too often I see people get caught up with the tool itself instead of how to use the tool effectively. At Vero, Trello is the only task management we have to run our entire company: Simplicity, […]

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Inside the Vero Blog: Our Journey from 0 to 43,000 Monthly Pageviews


As you likely already saw, we redesigned the Vero blog! This seemed like the perfect time to share some data about our blog and how it’s grown over the last two or so years. I’ve also had several people have ask me about our content strategy recently so I’m excited to share this information and […]

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