Why Great Email Marketing Is Immune to Platform Changes

great email marketing

Technology platform changes. Marketers everywhere freak the hell out. Sound familiar? The latest freaking out about Google Inbox is reminiscent of last year’s freaking out about Gmail Tabs. It’s the same deal in social media land with Facebook’s algorithm changes, and SEO with Google’s near-constant tweaking. And it’s a shame because, in my experience, good […]

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9 Things You Should Know About Vero’s Email Marketing Platform

vero free trial

Recently, one of our loyal blog readers sent us a note that read something like this: “Oh, I didn’t know Vero could do all that!” We try to keep the blog focused on educational email content and we almost never sell. But today, we want to explain what exactly Vero does since, apparently, we haven’t […]

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How to Unsubscribe From Unwanted Email


I cringe every time every time I hear the term “email blast”. At best, an email blast has the right message, timing and call to action for just a handful of recipients. At worst, it annoys people enough to unsubscribe from your emails altogether. The truth is that most people get too much email. I […]

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How to Measure the Success of Email Marketing Campaigns


It’s hard to measure the success of an email campaign, so we’re coming up with a better way. This post is an overview of the process we’re using as we measure and update our own campaigns. Some of the results are great and some aren’t. We’ve chosen one with mixed results to share here since […]

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[AUDIO] Our First Email Marketing Q&A


Hi from San Francisco! Chris and I have been working here in the Bay Area for a few days, dedicating some serious time to improving the blog. We recorded this Q&A in a conference room at the Segment office. Beautiful office and great people, but we didn’t bring along any audio recording equipment. Our apologies […]

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Why You Should Learn From Success, Not Failure

learn from success, not failure

It’s a common misconception that people learn more from failure than success. But in fact, just the opposite is true. Here’s Basecamp co-founder Jason Fried’s thoughts on the Signal v. Noise blog: I don’t understand the cultural fascination with failure being the source of great lessons to be learned. What did you learn? You learned […]

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