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That’s the average return on investment that video email marketing — as opposed to plain old text — can give you. But what if you’re still unsure about getting involved in the whole video thing? Isn’t there something else you can do to make your emails stand out from the crowd so they’re memorable to your subscribers?

Yes, there is (good thing you asked)!

The answer is to put animated GIFs in your email marketing campaigns.

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An email swipe file is the best way to get ideas for your own email marketing. It’s a smart idea to setup folders or labels in your inbox to tag emails that inspire you. That way, you have a constantly growing repository of ideas.

But it’s also a good idea to subscribe to lots of newsletters to see what the pros are doing. With all the noise out there, it can be difficult to differentiate between bad email newsletters and great emails newsletters. Every website you visit wants to get you on their subscriber list, and while it’s a good to sign up for lots of them, it’s nice to have a few newsletters you can always depend on for great ideas.

We pulled together some of the best newsletters on the Internet to help you create a real-time swipe file. Pay close attention, these pros are some of the most savvy marketers on the web.

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It’s time we welcome a new era of email marketing.

“Bulk” email is gone and it’s not coming back. Our technology is too good for it and our attention spans are too short for it. With all the noise out there, your emails have to seriously rock to stand out from the crowd.

Luckily, every marketer has access to the tools they need to take email to the next level. What’s often needed is simply a change in perspective.

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Retention emails are the lowest-hanging fruit of the customer lifecycle.

It’s hard to increase your lead velocity rate and optimize your conversion to bring on new customers. Inactive users have already gone through that process and you’ve already invested time and money in them. They see value in your product and, at some point, were ready to become a customer.

Turning inactive users into active users is one of the easiest ways to generate revenue.

As our CEO Chris Hexton wrote on the CrazyEgg blog, retention equals revenue and email is the best way to do it.

Even if you’re acquiring the right sort of customers and activating them rapidly it’s super important to continue to monitor customers that go inactive and to prompt them to come back and use your software or purchase again. To maximize retention, spend a lot of time ensuring your customers don’t leave.

We took a look at five retention emails to see what keeps users engaged and what makes them forget about you. Check them out here, along with our five tips for creating killer retention emails below.

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Can you imagine what a perfect email in a perfect world would look like?

As marketers and startup founders, we are always striving to improve our businesses. Some of us pay particularly close attention to email marketing and continually look for ways to increase engagement, drive up clicks and optimize performance.

But have you ever wondered if there is a step-by-step checklist that you can use to ensure every single email you send gives you the best possible chance of attaining your desired results?

To help you on your way, I have put together the eight elements that make a perfect email. Use the tips in this blog post to improve your emails and get better results.

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Wouldn’t it be great if your subscribers were hooked on your emails? If they opened and read your emails without thinking about it? What would that do for your open and click-through rates? And what would that do to your bottom line?

Yes, it would it be wonderful and according to Nir Eyal, author of Hooked: How To Build Habit-Forming Products, it’s totally possible. The key, Eyal says, is to develop in your subscribers the habit of consuming your emails.

Eyal defines a habit as “things we do with little or no conscious thought.” And he describes a four-phase process for developing a habit around your product, which in this case would be your marketing emails. Interestingly enough, Eyal calls email “the mother of all habit-forming technology.”

Checking emails has become a habit we do several times a day. Some people do it within a few minutes of waking up in the morning, before they even get out of bed. Think about your own relationship with email. Are there marketing emails you actually look forward to receiving? Are there particular people or companies whose emails you read — no matter what the subject line?

If so, then you’ve probably made a habit of reading their emails.

Below, we’ll look at why emails are habit-forming, and how you can get your subscribers hooked on your emails.

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There’s a new SaaS in town: Shaving as a Service.

Dollar Shave Club has spent the last several years disrupting the men’s skin care and grooming industry, a $6 billion space that’s ripe for innovative products and new players. The business model is remarkably similar to most SaaS businesses. Customers pay a monthly fee for the service, which they can scale up or down as needed. As it turns out, SaaS businesses could learn a lot from Dollar Shave Club’s meteoric growth. Let’s take a quick look at the business.

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There are many misconceptions about marketing, especially when it comes to email.

In our fast-paced world, email is a nearly-ancient technology. Interestingly enough, it’s still widely-used and gaining more users every year. To clear up any confusion, here are three misconceptions about email marketing that simply aren’t true.

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Email is alive and well.

There was no doubt in our minds but this we confirmed our already-strong feelings about the inbox. First, the New York Times covered the resurgence of email newsletters, then we were inundated with positive feedback about our guide to transactional email.

Here are the best articles we read this week. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

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Since we released our Complete Guide to Transactional Emails, we’ve received quite a few questions on the topic. Rather than answer them all individually, we thought it would be more helpful to address them all in one place.

Have a question about transactional email? Leave it in the comments and we’ll update this post with an answer.

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