14 Jan 2015

The Ultimate Lifecycle Email Marketing Guide

Lifecycle Email Marketing-1

If your idea of improving email marketing centers on crafting better subject lines and tweaking the design, you’re doing it wrong. It’s just that simple. The truth is that unless you’ve already laid a strong marketing foundation with lifecycle emails that nudge your users and customers at just the right moment, you aren’t yet at […]

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05 Jan 2015

The Principal-Agent Problem in Marketing

The Principle-Agent Problem in Marketing

The cost of college textbooks has risen 812 percent since 1978. That’s more than triple the inflation rate over the same period of time, according to The Atlantic. So what gives? Textbook costs are a perfect example of an economic theory known as the principal-agent problem. Professors (the agent) choose the textbooks and the students […]

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10 Dec 2014

Why Great Email Marketing Is Immune to Platform Changes

great email marketing

Technology platform changes. Marketers everywhere freak the hell out. Sound familiar? The latest freaking out about Google Inbox is reminiscent of last year’s freaking out about Gmail Tabs. It’s the same deal in social media land with Facebook’s algorithm changes, and SEO with Google’s near-constant tweaking. And it’s a shame because, in my experience, good […]

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