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You know that feeling you get when you find a new blog that is just loaded with good information? Get ready to have that feeling 50 times in row.

Marketers need good resources to make good decisions. And to be quite frank, there is a lot of junk out there. We spend a lot of time reading marketing blogs to stay in the know about the latest and greatest. If you want to know exactly what Chris Hexton and I read, you’ve come to the right place. This is exactly what you will find in our RSS readers.

Editor’s note: Of course, there are more than 50 great marketing blogs out there. Did we miss one that should be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

Update: We have a fix for the OPML issue in Feedly. First, download this file. In Feedly, choose “Add Content,” then “Import OPML”. Let us know if you have any issues.

Annielytics / @anniecushing

Annie Cushing, better known as Annielytics, is famous for her Must-Have Tools Google Doc. Just click the link and you will understand why.

Blog Tyrant / @blogtyrant

Ramsay Taplin makes a living monetizing blogs. Luckily for us, he explains exactly how he does it. Join the Tyrant Troops to learn more about A/B testing, SEO, conversion optimization and a lot more.

Boost Blog Traffic / @jonmorrow

I first discovered Jon Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic when he published Google Authorship: The Complete Handbook to Getting Respect, Readers and Rankings. This guide is truly complete, and I’ve been a regular reader ever since. Be sure to also read about Jon’s amazing personal journey.

Buffer / @buffer

Buffer has become the startup standard-bearer when it comes to blogging. They have built a community around their company culture and smart content. As a result, the blog has grown to more than 700,000 monthly readers.

But that’s not all. Buffer is unique in that their culture is their marketing strategy. To Buffer, this means openness and transparency. On the Buffer Open blog, you can see employee salaries, conversion rates, revenue growth and traffic statistics. All content is marketing, and Buffer proves it with this blog.

Business Casual Copywriting / @joelklettke

Joel Klettke is a quick-witted, talented freelance writer from Alberta, Canada. After spending a few years as an agency-side SEO, Klettke left his job to start Business Casual Copywriting. His work can often be found on the iAcquire blog, and his humor can always be found on Twitter.

Campaign Monitor / @campaignmonitor

Creativity and beautiful design are important elements of modern marketing. The Campaign Monitor blog, run by community manager Ros Hodgekiss, digs into the art and the science of email marketing.

Content Marketing Institute / @cmicontent

Joe Pulizzi has built a powerhouse of a blog. The Content Marketing Institute site is a massive marketing resource, complete with online training, e-books and original research. If you are new to the site, start here.

The Content Strategist / @contently

You’d expect content marketing companies to run really good blogs, right? That’s not always the case, but Contently practices what it preaches on The Content Strategist. Dive in to learn how big brands are finally capitalizing on content and publishers are evolving in the digital age.

ConversionXL / @peeplaja

Content marketing is only the beginning. Without readers that convert into leads and customers, it’s all for naught. That’s where ConversionalXL comes in handy. Check it out to learn the ins and outs of generating leads and sales.

Convince & Convert / @jaybaer

Jay Baer started Convince & Convert six years ago to provide strategic marketing advice to businesses. Since then, the blog has covered just about every marketing topic under the sun, with new posts coming nearly every day.

Copyblogger / @copyblogger

Brian Clark has built a multimillion dollar technology company with the Copyblogger blog. He is essentially selling pickaxes — hosting, WordPress plugins, education, etc. — during a gold rush. The business model and the blog are both worth paying attention to.

Copy Hackers / @copyhackers

Writing copy is quite a bit different than churning out blog posts. Copy is designed to not only educate but also convert. Joanna Wiebe and Lance Jones walk you through everything a good copywriter needs to know to be successful.

The Daily Egg / @crazyegg

Crazy Egg’s heat maps and click-tracking overlays are incredibly useful. It turns out their blog, The Daily Egg, is also a great resource. While the tools are designed to provide data, the blog offers training, tips and insight on conversion and engagement.

Duct Tape Marketing / @ducttape

John Jantsch prides himself on practicality. His blog and accompanying podcast are a reflection of that, making the Duct Tape Marketing site a treasure trove of useful information.

Econsultancy / @econsultancy

Simply put, this blog rocks. Get several new posts per day, and read up on their in-depth reports and case studies.

Email Institute / @emailinstitute

In addition to publishing original content on its blog, the team at the Email Institute also curates great posts from around the Web. Also, check out the LinkedIn group, which hosts active discussions for its more than 1,000 members.

Goins, Writer / @jeffgoins

Every writer needs inspiration. I often get mine from Jeff Goins. See below, and subscribe for daily encouragement.

There’s an important truth that few people who’ve “made it” in their industry want to talk about. But in my experience, it’s essential to success.

What is it? Mindset.

Success is first experienced in the mind before it becomes a reality. This may sound kind of metaphysical, but all I mean is: Before you start acting like a pro, you will have to think like a pro.

Gregory Ciotti / @gregoryciotti

Help Scout is one of our favorite tools, and Gregory Ciotti is their marketing strategist. If you are into reading real-world marketing examples, like Content Creation Lessons from Growing 41,231 Newsletter Subscribers, you will have a lot of fun with this blog.

Growth Hackers / @growthhackers_

While Growth Hackers isn’t technically a blog — it’s a community — it is a fantastic resource for marketers. Users can submit and vote on content, meaning the best and most interesting stuff is always at the top.

Groove / @alexmturnbull

Groove is an incredibly cool customer support startup founded by Alex Turnbull. Alex also runs the blog, where he publishes detailed posts about startup life, marketing, growth hacking and details about their revenue growth.

The Freelance Strategist / @contently

Freelancing has become an industry of its own. Now that people can work anywhere, anytime, companies looking to invest in content marketing can essentially buy Content as a Service. It’s a great model, but freelancers often lack the business skills to maximize their earning potential. This blog solves that issue.

Help Scout / @helpscout

Customer support = marketing. (Just ask Zappos.) Help Scout knows a thing or two about customer support, and their blog shows other companies how to turn support into sales.

HubSpot / @hubspot

Here’s how seriously HubSpot takes content marketing: They hired rock star journalist Dan Lyons to run their blog. This is a media platform, loaded with content on all things inbound marketing. / @inboundorg

In the same vein as Growth Hackers, isn’t technically a blog. It was co-founded by the fine folks at Moz and Hubspot, and has grown into a flourishing community of marketers sharing the best content they can find.

Inside Intercom / @intercom

Intercom is a communication tool that businesses can use for customer service, marketing, product development and more. As marketing continues to permeate every nook and cranny of modern business, all communication becomes a customer acquisition opportunity. Read all about it here.

Jeff Bullas / @jeffbullas

Wouldn’t it be cool if your blog got 4 million visitors each year? Jeff Bullas’ does. He writers about the content, SEO and social media strategies he uses to make it happen.

Joel Gascoigne / @joelgascoigne

This blog leans more toward entrepreneurship and startup life than strict marketing, but it’s too good not to include. Learn what the co-founder of Buffer is thinking, and get an idea of what life is like as the head of a rapidly growing startup.

KISSmetrics / @kissmetrics

KISSmetrics is one of the best analytics tools available today, and their blog is equally exciting. Get tips on everything from copywriting to e-commerce to A/B testing to social media and more.

Mack Web Solutions / @mackwebteam

The Mack Web Solutions blog is a breath of fresh air in the noisy world of blogging. This blog (and company) focuses on community building, which means there is no fluff. If it’s not useful, you won’t find it on this blog. (Read our interview with founder and CEO Mackenzie Fogelson here.)

Marketing Land / @marketingland

Even though Marketing Land is probably the biggest news and media site for marketers, it’s loaded with useful tips, guides, interviews and columns. Danny Sullivan‘s dry wit alone is reason enough to add this site to your RSS reader.

Marketing Profs / @marketingprofs

With 23 categories of content to choose from, you could spend hours a day reading MarketingProfs. And that doesn’t take into account the podcast, in-depth marketing guides and video tutorials.

Marketo / @marketo

Automation and data are the two overriding themes of the Marketo blog. With a healthy emphasis on email, this blog gets at the heart of modern marketing. Automation will continue to be more important in marketing, so start digging in now.

Moz / @moz

This is one of the most important marketing blogs on the Web for two reasons. First, the content is top-notch; second, it’s a perfect (and ongoing) example of how to build an online community.

Nieman Journalism Lab / @niemanlab

Since journalism and marketing are converging at an alarming rate, it’s worth seeing what you can learn from journalists. Run by Harvard University, the Nieman Journalism Lab explores “how quality journalism can survive and thrive in the Internet age.” Their goals are essentially the same as yours, so pay attention to this one.

Noah Kagan’s Okdork / @noahkagan

Noah Kagan writes effectively for beginners (How to get your first 100 email subscribers) and for seasoned experts (How to Grow a Blog to 100,000 Visitors in Less than a Year) alike. His approach is personal and fun but always on point.

ProBlogger / @problogger

Darren Rowse is equally famous for his work on Digital Photography School and ProBlogger. Basically, the guy understands how to build massive audiences. If you are relatively new to content marketing, this is a great place to start.

Quick Sprout / @neilpatel

Do you know why Neil Patel’s Quick Sprout blog is worth reading? Because he is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. You might say he has earned some street cred. His experience means that his posts are without peer. Just check out The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking to see what we mean.

Raven Tools / @raventools

Raven’s suite of marketing tools counts its blog among its useful assets. The blog covers all the expected marketing channels with an easy-to-digest approach to some complicated topics.

Search Engine Land / @sengineland

Search Engine Land, the sister site of Marketing Land, has a keen focus on the search-engine marketing landscape. They cover all the interesting news from Google, Bing and others but also provide plenty of tips and analyses for marketers.

Seth Godin / @thisissethsblog

He’s the father of permission marketing, and his blog is usually the most enlightening thing you will read each morning. If anyone can help you think outside the box and move outside your marketing comfort zone, it’s Seth Godin.

Simply Measured / @simplymeasured

The Simply Measured software provides all the social data you can handle, and their blog covers all things social media analytics. They dig deep on topics like Vine analytics, keyword targeting and Big Data.

Sparksheet / @sparksheet

This blog is a great example of thought leadership. Sparksheet tackles the tough questions facing marketers, ponders what the future will look like and publishes sharp analyses from some of the world’s smartest media minds.

Startup Marketing / @ryangum

Ryan Gum gets growth hacking. When he’s not leading the marketing team at Postify, he’s blogging about email marketing, customer acquisition, startup life and a lot more.

SumAll / @sumall

“Smarts you can use.” That’s this blog’s tagline, and it’s indicative of the great articles they publish. It’s fun, too. Check out Gossip from a Community Manager to see what I mean.

Think Insights / @thinkwithgoogle

If you love data visualizations as much as I do, you are going to love this blog. Google has access to insane amounts of data, which it uses to create really interesting resources for marketers. March Madness: A Full Court Press for Marketers is a perfect example of what to expect here.

Top Rank Blog / @toprank

Lee Odden has been blogging about online marketing since the Google Florida update. (I’d never heard of it either; it happened in 2003.) He’s built up impressive reservoir of content and a great community over the past 11 years. The new stuff is great, and the old stuff is worth checking out too.

Unbounce / @unbounce

Just like Buffer, Unbounce provides two resources for marketing. The first is their main blog, which covers landing pages, A/B testing and conversion testing. The second — Inside Unbounce — is an inside look at the company. They share tales of their growth along with data from their customer support and marketing teams.

Visual Website Optimizer / @wingify

Conversion optimization is a data-driven practice. For this reason, the Visual Website Optimization blog contains tons of real-world examples of how A/B testing has triggered explosive increases in sales and growth.

Wistia / @wistia

Video marketing is often neglected by startup marketers because of the high cost of professional video. The Wistia blog, however, explains why video is worth the investment and offers tips on video best practices. One of our favorites: Should You Embed Video in Email?

WP Curve / @wpcurve

Blog posts are helpful, but sometimes interviews are exactly what you need to get moving on your next big idea. The folks at WP Curve have interviewed 63 entrepreneurs as part of their Startup Chat series. Not sure where to start? Check out #61 with Noah Kagan.

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Jimmy is a marketer, writer, photographer and runner based in Tucson, Ariz. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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    Mine didn’t make the list, but no worries because I write for 9 of them, so you got me covered. Great post Jimmy.

    • Jimmy Daly

      You have quite the portfolio :)

      • Barry Feldman

        Of copywriting samples or of guest blogging articles?

        • Jimmy Daly

          I’m impressed that you’ve written for nine of these blogs…all really quality sites.

    • RavenArienne

      And I write this with love, @barryjfeldman:disqus… #humblebrag ;)

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    Are these are any solely web analytics focused marketing blogs that are worth following?

    • Julie Verhulst

      I would recommend following Avinash Kaushik. He does a great job of going deep while making it applicable.

    • hyderali

      You should visit to read about analytics.

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    If I have to rank honesty a blog, who’s getting his momentum I will definitely choose Matthew Woodward’s Blog. It pure quality!

  • Kristina Roy

    Thanks Jimmy, It is “All In One” list for me. Some blogs are new for me. Nice list.

  • Dave Bruns

    Very nice list. Love that Annielytics is at the top :) There’s a small typo (repetition) here under hubspot – Here’s how seriously HubSpot takes content marketing: They hired rock-star journalist: They hired rock star journalist…

    • Jimmy Daly

      Thanks for pointing that out Dan, just fixed it.

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