• http://www.feldmancreative.com/ Barry Feldman

    Mine didn’t make the list, but no worries because I write for 9 of them, so you got me covered. Great post Jimmy.

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      You have quite the portfolio :)

      • http://www.feldmancreative.com/ Barry Feldman

        Of copywriting samples or of guest blogging articles?

        • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

          I’m impressed that you’ve written for nine of these blogs…all really quality sites.

    • RavenArienne

      And I write this with love, @barryjfeldman:disqus… #humblebrag ;)

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  • http://gosquared.com Andrew Ratomski

    Are these are any solely web analytics focused marketing blogs that are worth following?

    • Julie Verhulst

      I would recommend following Avinash Kaushik. He does a great job of going deep while making it applicable.

    • http://www.ezmaal.com/ hyderali

      You should visit cutroni.com/blog to read about analytics.

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  • http://www.makeupreviewshall.com/ Makeup Reviews Hall
  • abathingart

    Cant get the RSS feed to work :/

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      @abathingart:disqus fixed. see above.

  • nicholasholland

    The Feedly URL doesn’t appear to work – ideas?

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      @nicholasholland:disqus see above comment, this is fixed.

  • BB

    OPML Link does not work

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      See above comment, this is fixed.

  • Matthew J. Bailey

    The RSS feed does not work! Please get a technical person to resolve, thank you.

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      @matthew_j_bailey:disqus It’s fixed. see instructions above.

      • Matthew J. Bailey

        Got it now, thank you.

  • http://blog.wishpond.com Cara Tarbaj

    Awesome list. But you forgot blog.wishpond.com ;)

  • Rob Neppell

    Hmmm. As of 4:24 pm PT on 4/9 the OPML file still isn’t working as a Feedly import for me. Go through the import, page refreshes and nothing seems to have been added. IsItBrokenOrJustMe?

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      Not sure what’s up since others are having success. I reached out to Feedly, I will let you know when I hear back.

    • Rob Neppell

      Aha…it’s just me. I was right-clicking and Save-As’ing the link above, which *does* give you an XML file. But what (obviously) needs to be done is to click through, get to the Dropbox file page, and then download the file. Did that and worked like a charm. Important safety tip.

      • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

        awesome glad it worked!

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  • Renée Warren

    I would suggest Onboardly.com/blog as well!

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  • http://techcorp-hyip.com/ StefanDo

    If I have to rank honesty a blog, who’s getting his momentum I will definitely choose Matthew Woodward’s Blog. It pure quality!

  • http://www.7eyetechnologies.com/ Kristina Roy

    Thanks Jimmy, It is “All In One” list for me. Some blogs are new for me. Nice list.

  • Dave Bruns

    Very nice list. Love that Annielytics is at the top :) There’s a small typo (repetition) here under hubspot – Here’s how seriously HubSpot takes content marketing: They hired rock-star journalist: They hired rock star journalist…

    • http://www.jimmydaly.com/ Jimmy Daly

      Thanks for pointing that out Dan, just fixed it.

  • http://gotgroove.com Ozzy

    Nice list! Now if only I had time to read 50 blogs/day…

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  • http://www.shop.graciousstore.com/ Gracious Store

    What a list! I am not surprise there are so many blogs out there that I’ve never heard pf before

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  • The Digital Age Blog

    Thanks for the great list Jimmy – we will definitely check some of them!

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    Nice list you have here! Will be certainly bookmarking some of the sites that were listed. It’s nice to acquire new knowledge regarding marketing every once in a while.

  • StoreYa

    Consider adding StoreYa’s blog to your next list;-)

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  • strategistmag

    Great list, Jimmy! Would you consider us for your next update of this list? We’re relatively new but are living out our mission to bring great narrative around stories of marketing and branding strategy. Email us if you need to get in contact: editor@strategistmag.com. Thanks!

    • http://blog.getvero.com Jimmy Daly

      We certainly will take a look :)

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  • Sarah

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  • LisaDSparks

    Which RSS reader to you recommend?

    • http://blog.getvero.com Jimmy Daly

      I’m all in on Feedly. i think it’s a great product and I’ve gotten to know some of the product folks there. Great people. I’ve also heard Digg is nice.

      • LisaDSparks


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    Hi Jimmy great list I would love for you to check out my blog sometime at Perfect Marketing Equation http://www.perfectmarketingequation.com . Cheers!

    • http://blog.getvero.com Jimmy Daly

      Will do, thanks Tammy.

  • Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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  • http://adamevans.ca/ Lawson Geis

    I feel flattered when I come to know that there are some sites that I really do visit every day like buffer etc. Nice list man I must say!

    • http://blog.getvero.com Jimmy Daly

      thanks! :)

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  • SlickText.com

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  • Domingo

    Hi Jimmy, great post! I could not download the XML file from Dropbox. It said is moved or deleted already. Could you please help me to get this quite useful file?

  • Kevin Peter

    Jimmy, this is a great list. Not sure how much I can cover up each day, but am definitely gonna follow you for the next update. Cheers!

    • http://blog.getvero.com Jimmy Daly

      Thanks Kevin!

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    thank you!

  • http://dave-maguire.com Dave Maguire

    WOW! I have bookmarked all of these. Thank you so much. Hopefully, I can get my blog listed on this page.